Dr Sebi – What’s Needed For Pregnant Women

black pregnant woman and black man

Yes, go ahead.

Dr Sebi my quick question, I’m a part of a 1/2 of a family that’s expecting a new life, expecting a baby now and you speaking on us being of, pardon me, of African descent dealing with the foods and everything that is according to our DNA so what would you recommend for a family who’s now expecting in order to get the nutrients that the child needs even in the womb on the cellular level.

Dr Sebi:
Right. Well I’ve got a little boy born maybe a year next month, in March and I have a little girl four years old you know she’d be four years old next month, Tiwa, naturally with the little understanding that I have I will share it with the mothers, IRON, that’s all!

Don’t worry about the rest, iron, she could take iron, iron, iron, iron and drink seamoss and time to have the baby she gonna stand up, without no pain and deliver that baby in your hand because I did many times with my wives and my babies, its easy, worry about it

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