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Dr Sebi – Can You Combine Dr Sebi Herbal Formulas?

Ahki: Thank you, all right uh let’s see so one of the first questions that comes from um uh brother named Lazan he is, his…

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Dr Sebi – The Mineral The Pancreas Need

TABB: Hi everyone this is Julie thank you for stopping by for another video today. In this video we are touching on the pancreas and…

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Dr Sebi – Brittle Diabetes / Type 1 Diabetes

TABB: In this video Dr Sebi is asked about brittle diabetes. Brittle diabetes which is also called labile diabetes is a term used to describe…

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Diabetes & Dialysis – Dr Sebi

Transcript Host: Dr Sebi one of the callers just sent a, I should say one of the listeners that listen to this show online hmm…

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