Dr Sebi – The Mineral The Pancreas Need

pancreas - Dr Sebi

Hi everyone this is Julie thank you for stopping by for another video today. In this video we are touching on the pancreas and we’ll hear what Dr Sebi had to say about the pancreas. Dr Sebi often talked about each part of the body having a particular mineral that corresponds to it, and that if there is a deficiency of that particular mineral then a disease can ensue. Now the pancreas we know is important because of the various functions that it perform included making digestive juices and also various hormones including insulin.

We know that hormones are important because they are chemical messengers in the body and whenever this messaging is disrupted then there can be all sorts of problems that we may face know. Let’s hear what Dr Sebi had to say.

Dr Sebi:
Oh, I understand now, yeah. Yeah, hmm diabetes. Now, when your bones are brittle you need calcium, right? But when the islet of langerhans are all
obstructed, what they need now? CHROMIUM. Because the pancreas is chromium , unlike the or let the bones calcium and the blood iron. Each part of you is made up of a mineral. This is why when they give you vitamins what are they doing? They are only injurying us some more. I want to make sure that we would not be injured anymore. Especially our family. Our nation can be helped has to be healthy.

Some herbal sources of chromium include nettle, stinging nettle, catnip red clover, sarsaparila horsetail, wild yam. These are some sources of chromium and of course there are many others. Don’t forget to like, share, comment. If you have any questions leave them down below

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