Dr. Sebi’s Endocrine Formula


Dr. Sebi’s Endocrine is one of the many herbal formulas created in his repertoire of healing remedies.

Endocrine formula description and ingredients:

Cleanses and nourishes the pancreas. The pancreas produces insulin which is secreted into the bloodstream for the purpose of proper sugar distribution.

Main Ingredients

  • Guaco
  • Nopal
  • Prodijiosa
  • Huereque
  • Contribo

Dosage Directions: 1 tsp of powdered herb to 8oz water. Boil water. Turn water off. Add powder. Let cool. Strain and drink daily in the morning.

Human endocrine system
Human endocrine system

Dr. Sebi Endocrine Formula for Pancreatic Health:

1. Guaco:

  • Medicinal Value:
    • Traditionally used for its anti-inflammatory properties.
    • Potential benefits for respiratory conditions.
    • Supports overall immune system health.

2. Nopal (Prickly Pear Cactus):

  • Medicinal Value:
    • Rich in fiber and antioxidants, supporting digestive health.
    • Help to stabilize blood sugar levels.
    • Traditionally used for its anti-inflammatory and anti-fatigue properties.

3. Prodijiosa:

  • Medicinal Value:
    • Known for its liver-protective properties.
    • Traditionally used for its anti-inflammatory effects.
    • May aid in digestion and support overall digestive health.

4. Huereque (Cissus sicyoides):

  • Medicinal Value:
    • Traditionally used for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.
    • Supports joint health.
    • Potential benefits for digestive issues.

5. Contribo (Aristolochia trilobata):

  • Medicinal Value:
    • Traditionally used for its detoxifying properties.
    • Believed to have anti-inflammatory effects.
    • Supports kidney health.

Specific Benefits for Pancreas:

  • Cleanses and Nourishes the Pancreas:
    • The combination of these herbs is designed to specifically target the pancreas, cleansing it of toxins and nourishing it with essential nutrients. This supports optimal pancreatic function.
  • Insulin Production and Sugar Distribution:
    • The formula focuses on supporting the pancreas, which plays a crucial role in insulin production. Insulin is essential for proper sugar distribution in the bloodstream, and a healthy pancreas contributes to this process.

Individual Herb Contributions:

  • Guaco:
    • Anti-inflammatory properties may contribute to overall organ health.
    • Immune system support is beneficial for overall well-being.
  • Nopal (Prickly Pear Cactus):
    • Fiber content aids in digestion and may help regulate blood sugar.
    • Antioxidants contribute to overall health.
  • Prodijiosa:
    • Liver-protective properties contribute to detoxification.
    • Anti-inflammatory effects support organ health.
  • Huereque:
    • Anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects may benefit overall well-being.
    • Support for joint health contributes to overall mobility.
  • Contribo:
    • Detoxifying properties may support kidney health.
    • Anti-inflammatory effects contribute to overall organ health.


  • Holistic Approach to Endocrine Health:
    • The formula takes a holistic approach by incorporating herbs with anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, and organ-supporting properties to address overall endocrine health, with a specific focus on the pancreas.

It’s crucial to understand that while these herbs have traditional uses that align with the provided description, individual responses may vary. Therefore, it is important to research how the herbs can help and be patient and consistent.


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