Dr Sebi – Hereditary & Disease

Dr Sebi

Dr Sebi:
What is it saying it’s saying that we have become so helpless, so vulnerable, so everything that is other than love because the food that God made for us has not been in our place for 500 years. Then we ask, why is prostate cancer running high? Why is diabetes? Dr Sebi, you know in my family heart condition is hereditary.

Heart condition is hereditary! What about the hog mouths? Isn’t that hereditary too? What about the pork chops, that’s hereditary, so when you tell me that your disease is hereditary you have to tell me that the food that made that disease hereditary is what you’re still eating. That happened to Dr Sebi, Dr Sebi had diabetes when he was only 30. Dr sebi was impotent at 30. He was born with asthma. Dr Sebi wore glasses of 30, and he weighed 291. Then when I looked back into the history of my parents, they too had diabetes, they too was obese, they too wear glasses.

So how do you break this thing called hereditary.

You stop eating the food that comes with the hereditary.

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