Dementia and Parkinson (brain Diseases) – Based on Dr. Sebi’s Teachings

Brain diseases - dementia and parkinson's

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Hi Everyone, thank you for Stopping by for another video. In today’s video we will take a look at DEMENTIA and Parkinson’s Diseases. A subscriber KingVee asked for a video on DEMENTIA and PARKINSON’S.

These are both conditions of the brain and so we will look at what Dr. Sebi had to say as it relates to the central nerves system and the brain specifically. Dr. Sebi always re-emphasized that there is only one disease and that is mucus that results from the compromising of the mucus membrane. Wherever the mucus membrane is compromised or broken this results in excess production of mucus. What usually compromise the mucus membrane is acids and toxins. This acidity or acidosis is mostly as a the result of what we eat or drink. Since both dementia and parkinson’s are diseases of the brain, both these condition results from mucus on the brain. I will now play a clip of Dr. Sebi and then we will briefly look at DEMENTIA and PARKINSON’S particularly some of the symptoms.

Let us first look at some of the main symptoms of both conditions of dementia and parkinson’s then look at how we can address these conditions according to Dr. Sebi’s teachings.

Dementia is a syndrome characterized by a decline in cognitive function that interferes with daily life and independent functioning. It affects memory, thinking, orientation, comprehension, calculation, learning capacity, language, and judgment.

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder that primarily affects movement. It is characterized by the gradual loss of dopamine-producing neurons in a region of the brain called the substantia nigra. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter involved in coordinating movement, and its depletion leads to the motor symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease. These symptoms typically include:

Tremor: Involuntary shaking of the hands, arms, legs, jaw, or face, often occurring at rest.
Bradykinesia: Slowness of movement, which can make simple tasks such as buttoning a shirt or walking difficult and time-consuming.
Rigidity: Stiffness or resistance to movement in the limbs or trunk, which can cause muscle pain and impaired posture.
Postural Instability: Impaired balance and coordination, increasing the risk of falls, particularly in later stages of the disease.

In addition to these primary motor symptoms, Parkinson’s disease can also cause a range of non-motor symptoms, which may include:

– Cognitive changes, such as memory problems and difficulty with concentration and multitasking.
– Mood disorders, including depression and anxiety.
– Sleep disturbances, such as insomnia or excessive daytime sleepiness.
– Autonomic dysfunction, leading to problems with blood pressure regulation, digestion, and urinary function.
– Sensory symptoms, such as decreased sense of smell or vision problems.
– Speech and swallowing difficulties.

These are some of the symptoms of these conditions.

Lets play another excerpt of Dr. Sebi. Please note that even though Dr. Sebi was asked a question about Alzheimer’s, the focus is to address the brain itself. Depending on where the compromise occur and the severity, which may also be influenced by other health issue, a disease may manifest itself in many different symptoms.

Dr Sebi mentioned in another video, that there are two stages or parts to the healing journey:

Part 1: Involves cleansing the system.
Part 2: involves revitalizing the system.

To cleanse and revitalize the system you need more than just one herb. Rather it is better to create a healing program to address the illness. Dr. Sebi created Chelation 1 and 2 which include the Holy Thistle, Cascara Sagrada, Prodijiosa, Pao Periera and Rhubarb.

These herbs together help to remove toxins, acids, mucus and begins cleansing the colon and the cells, while also providing nourishment in the form of minerals during the cleansing process.

IRON IS ALSO NECESSARY, so an iron formula like Bio Ferro which includes herbs such as:
– Yellowdock
– Burdock Root
– Elderberry
– Cocolmeca
– Sarsaparilla
– and chaparral.

Iron also helps to bring oxygen to the brain.


It is said to be very effective in reversing extreme conditions. It revitalize the system. It contains a high concentration of Iron which helps to fight inflammation while providing oxygen which is a cell proliferator. It includes herbs such as:

– Sapo
– Contribo
– Chaparral
– Valerian
– Sea Moss
– Bladderwrack and
– Hombre Grande

In summary, you may consider the following:

1. Chelation 1 and 2 herbs can be used to begin cleansing the body, including the colon and the cells.
2. Bio Ferro formula herbs are used to nourish and bring oxygen to the cells, including the brain.
3. Viento also brings oxygen to the central nervous system (which includes the brain )
4. Herbs that also specifically help to electrify the brain such as Kinkeliba, Marula and Popa.

In addition to the herbs, one of Dr. Sebi’s first recommendation is to stop eating the garbage, that is primarily meat and starches.

Dr. Sebi also considers fasting to be an effective tool of healing which involves taking the herbs, along with natural spring water and occasionally consuming fruits for those who have difficulty fasting.

For some people fasting can be a challenge, especially if they are not used to it, or have never fasted before.

One should at least start with Dr. Sebi’s nutritional guide, in addition to using the herbs. Then they could start fasting slowly, such as, once or twice per week at first, then gradually increasing the number of days until they are able to fast for longer periods. In an attempt to heal the body, you will find that fasting is unmatched.

Please note that the purpose of this video is not to treat or diagnose any condition. This is for discussion purposes and sharing information about the African Bio-mineral Balance.

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