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Dr Sebi:
Mucus is the cause of all disease.

This was the question posed to me in court, that why were we making these claims and why were we so successful and what was going on is that disease was never identified to us. If it was identified the question would not be asked now and then we all, all of us that are sick would be enjoying health.

Well, disease is the accumulation of mucus, breaking down the mucus membrane and that mucus covering groups of cells in your body, like for instance we have the mucus membrane in the body to protect us from the onslaught of bacteria as they are called, as they are called but this mucus membrane is for protection but now we eat acid foods and the acid foods break down the mucus membrane and thus cause it to flow with the blood covering other groups of cells now, cells that belongs to organs, depriving them of oxygen.

If the mucus goes to your nostrils they call it sinusitis, if the mucus goes to your bronchial tubes is bronchitis, if the mucus goes to the lungs is pneumonia.

They didn’t make any claims, they didn’t do anything, so naturally if one out of a flock of people that has not shown anything or stood up for their right if they had accomplished something. Well he was just part of the pack, and I wasn’t in disagreement with the attorney general because he did his job but it was his mistake by assuming that I was a part of the pack. I am not part of any pack, never has been, never could be.

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  1. Dr Sebi, tonight I have been watching your video for the first time. I suffer from Sugar Diabetes and Blood Pressure for over 25yrs and now it has damaged my kidneys to 15%, and suffering from ED problem. How can I be treated for these ailments? I lived in the Turks and Caicos Islands, which is located in the southern chain of the Bahamas Islands, 575mls Southeast of Miami, Fla

    1. Hi Vernon, the first thing to do is to look at the diet. You could reverse type 2 diabetes using a raw food diet. The Endocrine formula was made to address diabetes but the diet is also key. No meat and no starches.

    2. Hi Vernon, I’m sorry to hear you are suffering. Dr Sebi is no longer with us. You could get it products from the website, Dr Sebi Cell Food or alternatively check the Fig Tree. I would suggests that you also consider doing a juice feast along with using the herbs.

  2. Asking Dr.SeBi. about what herbs to take to lower blood pressure and what herbs to take for erectile dysfunction , thank you and stay bless .

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