Dr Sebi – Leave The Garbage Behind

Dr Sebi - Stop eating garbage

Dr. Sebi:
So how could these disease be cured by just giving everyone the same compound? Well common sense, we go away from philosophy, put philosophy away and just look at reality and God, that which is natural and we find that its very simple. It’s very easy you stop eating the garbage to begin with, but now as we begin to think about the garbage that bring the disease in the first place, that brought the disease in the first place, I’m sorry, then we begin to question are we qualified to leave the garbage? It’s like going home this evening, and you say when we open that refrigerator now Dr sebi said that this this this this this this this this this this this this all this is bad. Now what are we going to do? What are you gonna eat?

We don’t know. We don’t know, but what we did know, what we do know now, that that stuff in the refrigerator was not made by God and that it was not made for us.

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