What is the Best Water to Drink?


There have been many debates in recent years about which water is best – distilled water, spring water, alkaline water or filtered water? It can be confusing and quite difficult for the average person to come to a decision… or is it? Hear what Dr Sebi had to say when he was asked this question.


Okay here so Dr Sebi, we knew there has been an explosion in the bottled water industry within the past few years. Could you basically tell us what’s the best kind of water we should be drinking? Some people say distilled, some people say filtered, non-filtered what’s the best kind of water we should all be drinking right now?

Dr Sebi:

Distilled water has been on the rise in the last 20 years, everybody seem to think that distilled water is better than just plain old spring water spring water or thermal water, this is why thermal water was so high, cost so much because it is filtered and purified by Nature. So the best water is spring water, any good spring water is good. In fact the world report that the best water in the world, the cleanest water in the world come from South America, it’s come from Paraguay and Argentina. That’s like the best water right now. The Nile is polluted, the Nile’s been polluted for years. All the cities have been dumping their waste into the Lake Victoria, the Egyptians have to purify the Nile. Purified water has a chemical in it. Nature did make any water with chemicals. Use nature as it comes to you, spring water.

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