Food Isn’t Something That You Cook – Dr Sebi

burdock plant

Most of us has the notion that food is only what we can prepare on a stove. However, this is not the case. Dr Sebi speaks briefly on this when asked a question about food.


Also you mentioned some of the natural foods we can eat.

Dr Sebi:

Aww some of the foods, natural foods you could eat


Created by God

Dr Sebi:

Well she has a list there, they have a list up there, they will give that to you, thank you. Buy what I…another thing in answer to your question. These are foods (referring to herbal formulas), you see these are food, these are not medicine. So see we think that food is something that you cook, no, food is something that nourishes you. What nourishes you, what God made and they are all in the form of herbs, berries and fruits. Thank you.

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