Dr Sebi – What is Most Important

Dr Sebi

In closing Dr. Sebi what would you say is the most important issue facing black people regarding their health and well-being in a world that’s overwhelmed with sickness and disease?

Dr Sebi:
What is the most important thing at this point has always been the most important thing, our health. Instead of us entertaining history and anthropology, we were supposed to be entertaining health. Health now meant that we had to follow the same road our ancestors lived in Africa. So right now it is our health our health is the most important thing our health is what will bring us together. Our health would have us loving ourselves on others, but as for the meantime our health has been disregarded and then we have fed mathematics and anthropology and archaeology.

Our health is most important. Without that nothing could be achieved yes and in so doing we have to consider minerals, again remember what I said, iron large doses of iron and abstain from those food that are inconsistent as much as we possibly can.

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