Dr Sebi – What To Eat (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) & Djon Djon Mushroom


Dr Sebi:
Yes sir!


Give us ah some ideas about methods. Methods for elimination, method as to what to do as far as the proper food to eat. You know …

Dr Sebi:

That’s a very good question because when I come before you say don’t don’t don’t, what what what should be right? This meeting, I want to say this, this meeting was impromptu. This young man had it responsible for that. He said, hey look …he heard me two weeks ago in Miami and he said the people New York need to hear about you.

I said but Trevor, I won my case and 15 years ago proving to the world that we cure A.I.D.S, how come they haven’t heard it.

He asked now about the food which is important right. This is a very quick message or meeting. I did not come with my entourage that I need to come with, not only to talk about the food but to show how to prepare it. It is just as delicious. It is, that’s right it is delicious and it is nutritious. So now, what do we begin with?

In the morning you want to strengthen your bones and your nerves and your energy, uplifting, Sea moss. When you wake up in the morning you think a big mug of Sea moss. Do not sweeten it with sugar. If you put sugar in it you have just adulterated it. You create it without the sugar or with maple syrup. When you wake up you drink your cup of Sea moss and you drink two glasses of water and you take off for work, that’s all you need.

At noon time you could eat a salad or fruit.

In the evening time that when you could eat, you know, your mushroom your squash, your quinoa grain, quinoa Q-U-I-N-O-A. Qunioa is a grain that comes from South America. You could also buy wild rice, which is natural.

The Haitians have a mushroom that grows in Haiti called Djon Djon, let me tell you something, Djon Djon is so good. Remember what I said, anything God made is natural. Anything man-made, not so, and it will hurt you. Djon Djon is so good that if you take the Djon Djon mushroom and soak them in some water, in about two hours the water is black, you drink that water see how you feel.


How do you spell it?


Jun Ju (this is spelt incorrectly)

Dr Sebi:

He knows, he maybe from Croix-des-Bouquets himself.


No, further… (in comprehensible)

Dr Sebi:

Oh yeah, you have squash and you also could buy the bread, the spelt bread. But you see in saying all this we could come together and produce our own food.

Djon Djon Mushroom

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