4 Powerful Herbs – Dr Sebi

Dr Sebi

Dr Sebi:

And I could go into the jungles of Africa, yeah the jungles, where my mama lived.

In that environment, I could find a plant known as Cancansa, which if you are 90 or 100 years of age and you find yourself at a deficit, sexually you only have to take Cancansa once and you are renewed again, that you get out of the jungles.

Then we go, we stay in the jungles, there’s another one called Seh-Haw. It’s a plant that Michael Jackson son had the opportunity to receive the benefit from, he had a tumor in his frontal lobe and he sneezed that out in twenty minutes, that herb is another jungle herb.

Then we go a little bit now to the south of Guinea, and we find Namibia. Namibia has another plant known as the Hoodia. This is a plant that upon ingesting it, you will not eat for days because it is nourishing every cell in your body.

Then we go to the Iboga, Cameroon, the great Iboga. The plant that relaxes the body and place the body in a state of bliss. There could be no emotional problems

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