Dr Sebi – Drink It 5 Times Per Day – Impotence

Dr Sebi

Dr Sebi:
And when a man cannot have sex, you know what come to his thoughts.

He is going to call you a thousand times a day from his job making sure you’re in that home.

You don’t believe that there’s a woman that would wait for him with a sexless life, oh no never, not if, not a man brain. I had it with a policeman in Dominica. The policeman wife came to me, oh this is a beautiful lady, you got to hear about this lady. She came to me and said Sebi my husband is impotent for four years and I have not had sex for four years and I’m not going to have sex with anyone else unless you do him, so I want you to have, I want my husband to have sex with me, are you going to help me Sebi? I said yes and guess what the man had the plant right behind his back, in his window, from his kitchen. I asked her, I said do you have meze mawi in your house? She said, yes. I said given this in meze mawi five times a day. Big glasses of it and let him take this to flush stuff out of his colon and his intestines and through his intro cellular structure.

How much you charge me? Nothing.

Because I just recently got to Dominica and I wanted to show them what I could do. So she goes and she gave him the stuff and he thought she boiled the plant, meze mawi.

Who from the island? Anyone from the island? Anyone been to the island? Okay. Those of you who’ve been to the island have you remember do you remember in Jamaica or any place that you’ve been there’s a plant that grows that when you touch it it goes to sleep, has a lot of thorns on it. They call it dead and wake. Oh you remember that, thank you very much. That is the plant. That plant is very powerful, there is no, there should be no impotence in males because baby it grows on my land like mad.

So you know I got it by the truck load because I don’t want to be weak in that area no more.

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