Dr Sebi Is Asked About Fibroid – Your Husband / Partner Affects Things

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Dr Sebi:
Next question yes

You mentioned fibroid tumors can you elaborate a little bit in terms of where those come from i know you talked about mucus and stuff. What one can do in addition to the herbs to try to…?

Dr Sebi:
You remind me of Dorethea, my sister-in-law, oh you look just like her, and you talk like her, ask questions just like her. You answered the question already. That’s what Dorothea always do to me. She said ‘uh Sebi what about insanity? I heard you talk about mucus, but is that true?’ But you did. So fibroid tumors is when the mucous membrane has been broken down in the reproductive organs and they begin to accumulate small little, little, little balls they can’t see and when they see that with the fibroids, and then the fibroids get bigger and then they burst, become cancer, but they have been given what?

The wrong food that you’ve been eating and uh I had an example of that in Dominica and the lady told me to always call her name Ophelia Olivacci she said to mention this. Not to be ashamed to mention her name. Ophelia came to me and she had tumors and vaginal discharge profusely and the whole other bit and she said you know that she’s been to doctors gynecologists, obgyn and the whole but she went to France, this is in Dominica now in West Indies, and I told her to…, I gave her the compounds in the…douches and after about a month or so she was walking around without any panties, her vagina was dry, and she was happy, in fact she even showed it to me so she started to see and she walked around without no panties and guess what happened this was the strangest thing that I, I was told this by someone and I put it into motion this particular day, I said to her I want you to have sex with your husband now, she had not had sex in about a month and a half. I said have sex with Mark, and she did. When she had sex with Mark, two days later her va gi na was dripping, I mean like a faucet now. Why? If I had cleansed v a gina how come it’s dripping now? You know why it was draining down like a faucet because we learned that when we cleanse the woman’s reproductive organ and we have not cleansed her mate, when your mate eat eggs and cheese and butter and milk and bread and coffee and that goes into his body that makes up the sum total of his harmonious flow and his hormone, his sperm is manufactured out of what, acid substance, and now when ejaculate the sperm into your uterus… need any more than that? No yeah he’s got a break this… he gonna, oh boy he’s gonna discharge all that stuff in you, that’s acid.

I know a sister that divorced her husband because of that.

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