Dr Sebi – Manipulation & Fibroid Tumors – Potassium Phosphate Di-Basic

Fibroids tumor

Dr Sebi:
Next question. Yes sir.

What do you think about manipulation, chiropractic manipulation and naturopath manipulations in terms of eliminating fibroids.

Dr Sebi:
Now the other one is manipulations manipulations in terms of eliminating fibroids from the body. Fibroid tumors are holding on to your body caused by mucus that is adhered to your walls and membranes.

I would like for someone to scientifically show me how manipulation… you’re going to go in there and release this just take this away from the walls.

I have to see it, you know. I am the individuals that see you don’t tell me things you show me okay like George Washington are like uh

Benjamin Franklin, Benjamin Franklin told us that he created electricity invented electricity by a kite and a key, everybody believed that that he just happened to be in the right place at the right time and a lightening came and hit his key. Fine Franklin the lightning hit your key, now if you show me mathematically and scientifically how we’re going to make this transfer. Now about the manipulation there are certain instances in which you could manipulate someone and put you know like a bone out of socket you know or a shoulder back into its placed by removing fibroids

With the proper diet. Well hold it with the proper diet you remove everything. Withe the proper diet you remove every disease.

See manipulation, chiropractic and acupuncture all these things came to us but we didn’t have any way to question it, we don’t we didn’t. Acupuncture, what is acupuncture ask, oh it is the intercepting of the nerve endings. I said fine why do generic endings want to be intercepted they want to be the transmitter of energy from a to b why you want to intercept? Where we want the intercept to go into the body that the person would not feel the pain and, learn, that’s viciousness. Open the human body, that’s adulteration, it was not made to be open, you would have a zip on it right? Okay so we don’t do that, no I disagree. There will be no manipulation to remove no fibroids. The only way it could be removed is that something going through the bloodstream say this the wall and just the fibroid, hanging at the walls, well when you give someone a substance that goes into the bloodstream and that substance had to be consistent have to be consistent with removing things from the wall of the intestines or from the wall of the individual removing things that does not belong in you, that is potassium phosphate a di-basic and we manufacture that and we are the only people in the united states that’s doing that now as it adheres as the substance enters the bloodstream it goes in the walls and pushes things away. Doctors try to cut it out but there is no knife that could separate this fibroid from the walls of your uterus, they’re going to cut into you now or if it doesn’t cut into you you’re going to have to leave something there and that’s infectious, but if you give this the person something to drink that goes with the bloodstream and where does the blood go.

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