Dr Sebi – Cauliflower is Worse Than Broccoli (Okra & Spinach)

Brocolli, Cauliflower

Dr Sebi:
Broccoli being that it’s hybrid, unnatural incomplete molecular structure okay. It should not be consumed by human because the molecular structure is incomplete. It is an acid-based vegetable.

Okay. Okay.

If broccoli was made by Nature I would be eating it.

But there are other products that aren’t made by nature but they are not poisonous as broccoli, okra is one, spinach is another.

What about cauliflower?

Dr Sebi:
Oh that mother gonna rob you of your minerals. Cauliflower has nothing in it that’s why it is white, it has no carbon, no carbon. So cauliflower is worse than broccoli.

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