Dr Sebi – Father Of Medicine – Media Is Against You

Herbal medicine

Dr Sebi:
The father of medicine are the man that was given the title to all the credit has been the fire of medicine was Hippocrates but really it was Imhotep 1, way back in Egypt but you know because we are humble people it doesn’t matter, we have no ego to defend when the Caucasian claimed that.

The property that followed medicine many of us knew he was not, but why say anything even if you did so what, the media is against you like the media was against me. Like the sister said, when I was arrested everybody knew that I was a charlatan because this man claimed that he cured AIDS this ad was in the newspaper, in the Amsterdam News and The Village Voice but when I won the case with the supreme court proving that we cure all these diseases you didn’t hear anything about it, why?Because we do not control the media it’s as simple as that, so Mr Hippocrates was given the credit but let us give it to Hippocrates again this evening who is the father of medicine cure all disease what substance, herbs or chemicals?

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