Dr Sebi – Healing, God, Cosmic Journey, Violations

Dr Sebi - Healing Modalies

Dr. Sebi:
Yes we cure these diseases and we do these things so easy, easy because we are able to remove you from the food that was totally inconsistent with your journey, your Cosmic Journey, your ecclesiastical Journey. My brother was a preacher, he just died last year. People in this audience met my brother. My brother did not like me too well because he said I didn’t go to church. No, I don’t go to church but that has nothing to do with my relationship with God. My relationship with God is direct with God in Me, no middle man. I don’t remember God here and saying to anyone to be a middle man. That’s a business and that middle man can’t help you and your preacher could save your life. You have to be the sacrifice. You have to be that person that understand what God is and give yourself to that entity. No, I don’t go to church but you drink cow milk, you violate God more than me. You’re talking about God, you eat rice.

You drink cow milk boy, you eat meat you eat pork meat and you tell me about God behave yourself. God didn’t make none of that!

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