Dr Sebi – How To Electrify A Hybrid Plant?


Dr Sebi:

Yeah I hope one day you get an opportunity to go to the village of Usha in Honduras because we’re developing organic electric agriculture. Let me go back to it, a little bit you would see what we’re doing if you take a natural plant, a natural plant is electrical. It’s electrical, why, because it has carbon, hydrogen and oxygen as part of the structure of that plant.

It has the ability, the soil to send the root all the way down in the ground, a natural plant it takes all the natural minerals and convert it into a liquid, only a natural plant could do that. A natural plant root convert the solid mineral into a liquid what. Do you know that men hasn’t made a laboratory to do that? Only a plant that is natural could do that. The process is called iontropherosis,the ability to convert from a solid to a liquid. Okay that’s Burdock, that’s Yellowdock, that’s that’s like the other one which is the uh the red clover that’s also the Sarsasparilla ,that’s also the the Guaco, the Contribo, the hombre grande, the kankansa the Popa, the Seh-haw, the Marula, all these plants are electrical. Why? Because they are native, now when you take a carrot plant, well just put the carrot away because we don’t use that but when we use like turnips or squashes or tomatoes, they send a root about this high inch only and they do not have the ability to convert the solid to a liquid and I’ve struggled with that for years.

Guess what I found out though that the unnatural plant has the ability to absorb water or liquid right, they absorb liquid, tomato plant does, cucumber does right then you put the water on it it absorbs it let’s see oh yeah so what I would do then is get the plants that are organic and electrical and de-ionize them by boiling them and pouring that electric liquid as a nourisher for the tomato, the cucumber, the okras and you get a product that when you eat it you say oh god I can’t believe this that has to be amazing you have electrified a hybrid plant and the product is sweet.

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