Dr Sebi – Minerals, Sarsaparilla, Bentonite Clay & Red Clay

bentonite clay

In this interview Dr Sebi is asked about minerals, iron, bentonite clay and red clay.


Yeah, I’ve listened to a couple of your lectures now and I noticed that you say we need iron phosphate versus iron oxide and you said you said we need some other things in the phosphate form so I am wondering if all the minerals that we take are supposed to be in phosphate form or is there something different.

Dr Sebi:

No, and the phosphate form meaning one is a plant and one is a rock. Whenever you want to make aluminum then you go to that thing they call bauxite, you know you get that out the soil, calcium, dolomite, like for instance when the blood needs iron you cannot go to the ground and get a rock that has iron, you know that’s a soil, the body cannot digest that. The micro-villi in the intestine would not digest that because its a rock, it doesn’t have enough oxygen in it. you see we’ve got to go back to carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. With the plant itself like the SARSAPARILLA, it has carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. The rock doesn’t have oxygen, it has carbon and some hydrogen but not oxygen, so you have to go to the plant, the body identifies it because the plant is alive, you want the minerals, you see when the body digest iron, it doesn’t digest just a piece of it digests it electrical, the electrical form of the iron is assimilated, not a piece of the mineral, that’s why we say…


That was a good question, on like the red clay and the bentonite clay and the focus of the red clay in terms of iron intake.

Dr Sebi:

Anytime we take any kind of bentonite, bentonite is volcanic residual, bentonite is alkalic glass** or glass but it isn’t good for the intestine, bentonite doesn’t have anything in it that the body needs. Again it’s an oxide, its not alive like a plant and the other question was beside the bentonite?


Red clay

Dr Sebi:

Let me tell you something about that. There are many animals eat that clay, parrots eat that clay, elephants eat that clay, a certain clay. I don’t know if that applies to human beings, that I don’t know. But I know this, I have never used clay internally or externally. All of the huts in the village are made of clay, clay bricks, but I don’t know of it being used – I know many people use it, the body cannot digest that, it has to be alive, all we think about is life, alive, alive, electricity, resonance.

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