Dr Sebi on Rice (Do Not Eat Rice!)

Dr Sebi on Rice (Do Not Eat Rice!)

Dr Sebi starts @ 00:00:11
Dr Sebi:
And how many Africans in Africa knows what their ancestors ate. They don’t know. What does the African eat today, rice.

That’s all they have there and rice is a poison. Not only is it starch and it is because it contains – and it converts into carbonic acid, but it contains cyanide.

Well how is it those who love (dont want to say something wrong here) … people, like Chinese, Japanese, how they eating it?

Dr Sebi:

What about them? Because they eat it every day. Are they the healthiest people on the planet? You never seen a Chinese or Japanese walk straight. His spine just cannot hold up straight he always walk with a drop in his spine. He just can’t do it.

He eats nothing but starch.

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