Dr Sebi – Poor Sun Exposure (Vitamin D Deficiency)

Dr Sebi – Poor Sun Exposure  (Vitamin D Deficiency)

We have very low sun exposure in Europe, what can we eat to resolve the poor sun exposure?

Dr Sebi:
What could you eat to replace…

Yes to resolve that, well obviously you know, the sun’s very poor, and we don’t get a lot of sunlight, so is there something we can eat specifically to to get whatever it is that where we need it [Dr Sebi: well] compensate?

Dr Sebi:
If you say that you get poor sunlight and and sparsely in Europe a white man will say that is good, but not so for a black person. A black person need the sun, I mean when he get into the sun after being in the cold or his body feels it immediately, I mean immediately.

What does that mean, that you didn’t belong there, but since you are there what could you take to replace that lots of iron.

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