Dr Sebi – Spiritual


Dr Sebi:
Because you’re entertaining an internal dialogue, so America cannot hide under the canopy of ‘I am spiritual’. Oh yeah! Well, I tell you what!

I only have to look at the diet of the people that claim to be spiritual and I am convinced they are not telling the truth. Or they maybe, it maybe that the word ‘spirituality’, means ‘I’m insane’. Because they’re eating a food that brings about insanity.

So when we take the position to hide the truth, because I already know by your diet how you live, of course I know. I know you’re not contented, you cannot be because you’re eating foods that would betray you and undermine you, because it is acid-based. The first place of reaction is the central nerves system, ‘I got you’, and you’re gonna tell me, ‘I’m chilling’, you’re chilling alright.

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