Dr Sebi – Sulphur For The Lungs


And um it does though have like sulfur in it I guess it’s some type of natural sulfur source that’s that where the spring is

Dr Sebi:
I know that place… uh I know it has spring the Indian springs, what’s the name of it. Yes, uh it has sunflower in it. It does have something that’s beneficial to the body.

Is that what’s this is that beneficial to the body well let me tell you something about sulphur.

Dr Sebi:
The bones are made the bones are made of calcium, the cells of the blood are made of iron, but the cells of the lungs are made of sulphur. I did not know that that’s why when people come to Honduras and they go in this natural sauna have a natural… where the sulpur is flying around in vapors and a man came in from Argentina with lung cancer, in two months he was cured just something yeah. That is one of the best features here I would like for you to come and look at this village. We would even sponsor you here, that you could tell our brothers and sisters on the same station that we could come together around health, true health.

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They brought us all kinds of substance in the past but none of them really do the work that the African Biomineral Balance has accomplished. The African Biomineral Balance is down in the supreme court of the United States of New York as being the only therapeutical approach that is complementary because we demonstrated that we cure AIDS, we cure diabetes, we cure blindness, we cure , c – u – r – e. We don’t have to be afraid anymore to use the word.

We could do it, we always have done it and we could keep on doing it.


Yes, we can.

Dr Sebi:
But Dr Sebi of course. I’m hoping that someone in the audience would call it and said Dr Sebi, you are wrong you’re wrong okay. If I’m wrong that’s good because tonight, I’m gonna learn and that’s the way my life is but we didn’t get that tonight and I was hoping it was someone that would say look your premise is inconsistent, no, no we didn’t get that but I was hoping that we get one of them that then it would take us a notch above right what I said tonight what I shared with you brothers and sisters tonight came from you blessing perfection.

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