Dr Sebi – Detached Optic Nerve, Retina & Spinal Cord

Dr Sebi on Eye

Dr Sebi:

Next question oh yes, this man.

Yes sir, here we are.


Good evening to all, Thank you Dr Sebi for being in the Bahamas, let me first say um I want to thank Jamaal and JT for blessing me and my friend Hanama for being here today.

Um let me first say that you know obviously god does perform miracles, he answered that business and god can also work through the human hands and the humanity to bring miracles in the natural form as well and so when I first heard about the fact that you guys referred to genesis chapter 29, um I’m sorry I got it wrong, Genesis anyway, 129 there you go, thank you, I was, I was very encouraged because you know I I’m on fire.

But what I wanted to ask you Dr Sebi, that being said, uh some years ago when I was 11 years old, I just turned 49 days, a few days ago, I was blinded by an eye drops given by doctor a at …. and my optic nerves were destroyed by the eye drops. I spoke to Jamaal about it and he told me, yes, he’s got something for Glaucoma, which is similar to what I have, oh yes, he has something for detached retina, which fortunately is similar to what I have but I wanted to know, has any of your compound been proven to actually positively affect destroyed optic nerves.

Because sir, if you can say yes tonight, so far proven, I’m gonna be, I would love to be one of the first persons, if I’m not the first one, with destroyed optic nerves, which means …. my eyes cannot work, even transplant won’t work because the nerves have been destroyed by the eye drops. So if there is any compound sir, that God will inspire you to come up with that can help anyone with destroyed optic nerves to have any measure of sight returned, please to let me know, I appreciate it. And also shortness of breath, my friend want to know if you have anything for that also.

Dr Sebi:

Optic nerve, I was working with Miss…… St Croix, not only did she have optic nerve…
her eye, her retina, the retina of the eye was detached and she was bleeding in her eye chamber. Three months later, she was seeing and nerves attached. So you want to know how could a detach retina attach itself again. Let me tell you something, Mr Teddy Pendergrass, who knows about him in this audience? Teddy Pendergrass was a very famous singer. He had his spinal cord detached.

When I met Teddy, he was like this, he couldn’t move his head right or left but I was looking at his stomach, and everybody say why are you looking at his belly. I said because I won’t be able to heal him unless you get that belly down.

I am in St Thomas vacationing one afternoon.

…. to do, I didn’t want to bothered, my wife sent me to St. Thomas to rest for a week and I got a phone call after a couple days, and it was Teddy calling me, angry, his biceps were back, his triceps were back and he was feeling pain under his feet, the man was angry because he was feeling pain under his feet, the boy was a c4. The boy couldn’t feel anything below his head… now he is angry because he was feeling pain under his feet. Well his nerve attached, he could do everything except walk.

I said Teddy I told you that I wouldn’t charge you money until I got to your waist.

Now your waist is working because you’re using the bathroom by yourself, your penis is getting hard your triceps and biceps are back I want half my money.

You gave the Russians two hundred and forty thousand dollars, you gave the doctors for 160 which makes it a total of four hundred thousand dollars. I’m not going to charge you even half of that. I said I want my money right now Teddy. He said I’m not going to pay you anything.

I said I knew that, because…told me he wasn’t going to pay me because has have no respect for black people. You are like Muhammad Ali. Muhammad Ali have no respect for black people. Never have, never will, he did it to me too. But that’s OK, I know what’s in their head.

So yes, optic nerve, detached retina, bleeding in the eye chamber and all that we have repaired and I’m quite sure we will help you.

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