Dr Sebi Talks Thermal Water, Nerves Problem, Bellman Palsy & 4 Plants

Ciprés (Cypress)

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This video features a clip of Dr. Sebi speaking about the thermal water and how the thermal water different from the hot springs and he also spoke about the importance of the thermal water in helping with the nerve conditions and Bellman Palsy also some herbs that he uses for the internal therapy so let’s hear what Dr. Sebi had to say.

Dr Sebi:
The termal water contain a ph of 8.8 it is not like what they have in other places I heard that it is a hot spring in Cotton, Alabama. We don’t have a hot spring in Honduras, we have a thermal spring and the difference of a thermal spring is that the thermal spring is precipitated by volcanic activity, which mean that the water has a high concentration of sulfur and phosphorus, not so for a hot spring. A hot spring is precipitated through a bed of zeolite that’s under the ground, and as you know that zeolite is a mineral that boils water, that doesn’t necessarily make a thermal.

What makes the difference?

Dr Sebi:
That one has sulphur and phosphorus and oxygen in large amount it means that the body is receiving a large amount of hydrogen ion concentration that relaxes the body immediately. It plays a very good role on the central nervous system, stress is gone immediately after you enter the water.

Now what happens when stress is relieved from the body?

Dr Sebi:
The body begins to normalize itself and the hormones begin to take their message where they should go. When there’s a nerve condition, hormones tend to contract or retain or they don’t do the work because they are held back there’s a nerve condition you know like even the muscles contract, the face, the muscle in your face contract when this muscle problem when it’s not a problem Bellman Palsy. Bellman Palsy is caused mainly by emotional reaction and it pulls the muscle on the face to one side and when the person relaxed again, the muscle relax.

So the remedy in Bellman Palsy is to get into an unstressful world or relaxed state, and in your situation would be to take one of these baths.

Dr Sebi:
That’s right, is not one of these baths, you take bath twice a day, you take also the therapy the internal therapy which is what the Pavana, the Cordoncillo Negro, the Ciprés yes my most favorite the Drago. These are the plants that you will never hear in the American Standard pharmacopoeia, you don’t even hear these herbs in the mouth of the herbalist in Honduras or in the United States.

So there you have it also bear in mind that he talked about a therapy so when we are healing ourselves when we are dealing with any health conditions we have to think about addressing it as a therapy in which we cleanse the body and give the body the nutrient it requires in order to regain the functions that have been lost so we’re concerned the herbs you can find profiles of the herbs mentioned on ital is vital.info and I’ll have the link down below to that so. I hope you found this useful don’t forget to Like share comment and subscribe and be the change you’d like to see in this world have a fantabulous day today. Tata.

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