Jungle Herbs for Impotence, Tumors & Leukemia



Dr Sebi:

They came back with souvenirs, but when I went back, when I went to the jungle I didn’t come with any souvenirs, I came back with healing.

I came back with Seh-Haw, I came back with Cancansa, I came back with Popa*. These herbs are electrical, they assimilate. Those who went to Egypt, they came back with these souvenirs or a piece of rock, who needs that.

… Indigenous, when the reading came back from the laboratory, they say ‘yes’, the Cancansa will affect you sexually, I don’t care how old you are but it has a high concentration of zinc.

The other one which is the Seh-Haw, they said it has a lot of potassium phosphate. I removed a tumor from Michael Jackson son’s head.

Then the other one from Peru, the one that they call the Condurango, the woman said it’s good for your blood, well the woman in Honduras got cured of Leukemia.

*I’m still trying to identify this herb so if you know it please drop me a message through the contact page.

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