Dr Sebi on Dialysis



…a regimen if one is on dialysis, a regimen of obviously changing your consumption habits or obviously your diet has to change maybe drastically, and you have to stop you know continue to ah internalize or in intake you know.

Dr Sebi:
A sensible diet.

But ah what does the, what does the formulas do? How does the herbs [Dr Sebi: okay] specifically know to go to the kidneys.

Dr Sebi:
I gave Raghu a composition known as Fucus vesiculosus is. It has potassium iodide, it has potassium bromide what that does is to go into the kidneys and begin to break up all of the crystallization in there {Interviewer: the calcification] that’s right that’s right and clean the villis and there goes urine and it revitalize the kidneys simultaneously. But the body is going through stress and is weak but you will be able to recover from it if you continue on the diet.

You have to maintain a certain diet an alkali diet.

Fucus vesiculosus
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