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Dr Sebi


Dr Sebi:

A million left every year. We could buy more land and build more huts and do more things and we get healthy. Cause you’re not going to win anything in life so don’t worry about winning. That’s out!

The best you could do…that you receive a moment of peace.

So you want that. You want that space and to get there you have to heal. Healing is not something that you’re going to do overnight, no, but you all are taking the first step and that’s very good because from now onwards you would be aware of the glucose poisoning. And they are poisoning us. Glucose. Sugar. Gluten, they are doing it to us, and not to mention Africa and the Caribbean. Everybody in the Caribbean is sick. Don’t go to Barbados – one out of every seven is an amputee, that’s bad. So we creating a family now where we could really relax and play and enjoy each others and love each others.

In fact Bolingo means love. So as you come to Usha, you getting these compounds that are fresh. They look simple, little glasses, but over the days you begin to see changes, subtle changes and say wow I don’t feel this any more, because everything is organic, everything is electrical and its liquid.

The villi in the intestine will be able to absorb them really fast and the best thing to do is not to eat. You shouldn’t eat but that’s OK, they are strong enough to combat that. So when they give you these glasses…



Dr Sebi:

Well hi there beautiful lady.


Sorry we are late.

Dr Sebi:

That’s OK. So, when you drink these things what you are getting is what PHOSPHATES, CARBONATES, IODIDES and BROMIDES. Iodides and Bromides appeal to your ENDOCRINE SYSTEM, that is the system that is going to balance your body and your life. Pituitary gland, thyroid, para-thyroid, your ovaries, my testes and the pancreas makes up the endocrines system. But that systems depends a lot on iodine from the ocean, it depends a lot on it.

The phosphates and the carbonates that is for your nerves and tissues. You find those in the Sarsaparilla, in the Guaco and the Contribo that we made the compound with. There is a new one that we are using that I was really amazed to see the work of this herb, they call it Little Black String, Cordoncillo Negro.


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