Dr Sebi – Protein and Sickle Cell Anemia

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Dr Sebi:

So and I look at my life I’m a product of Christianity, Islam and Buddah and do I love all of them, of course I do because they all treat me well and they all show me good things but I had to go to that next woman in the jungles of Africa. Why? Because she connected the dots.


She was the one that showed me that in order for us to heal we have to use alkaline substance. We cannot use any acids. Right in Washington DC there is to occur two things that I must share with you that is important. Your brother Sebi, the uneducated boy had to go through some of the most challenging moments with the physicians.

Washington DC, Akela Stroud, sickle-cell anemia, the doctors cannot cure sickle cell oh yeah, they can’t cure anything because their methodology is of mark

So Akela Stroud has sickle cell, she is two. Her dad snatched her out of the hospital against the doctors will and knowledge. Took her to Silver Spring, I began to treat her three months passed, Akela is well, she doesn’t have the upper pulmonary disorder which is the company of sickle cell, which is thalassemia, am I right.

[audience: yes]

The little girl is playing, she is happy, why? She is lacking of iron. We are all lacking of iron, including me.

So they caught up with us and took the parents to the … to the police and took me in a polie car from 2010 10 M Street in DC to the hospital
Well me, I am a raggedy looking man all the time, I dress like this all the time. I dress funky and I have these funky shoes on and [laughing] I had these…socks on, barefeet and in walk the superintendent of the hospital

Dr Steinberg, this is showdown time [laughter]. The boy from the jungle against philosophy.

‘Who is this man?’, that’s me. …that’s Dr Sebi.

‘What kind of doctor are you?’

I said well… I dont know what kind I am. I didn’t know they come in kinds. Ah, you know, I help people when they need help. I didn’t know I have to be a kind of, but before we get into this very tasteful dialogue I want to submit to you the log that I kept for nintey days that I gave this little girl, her diet and the substance that I gave her to reverse sickle cell anaemia.

She goes through it bum bum bum bum bum. ‘Oh you did not give Akela any protein’. ‘Oh my God! This man didn’t give the child any protein.’

I said I dont even know what is protein, cause I dont know. I am eighty-one years old, I have never found protein. Unless the great Dr Sebi thinks protein is an unnecessary food.

I said I didn’t say that, you said that, but as for protein, is it electrical?

Why do you ask that?

I said because the human body is made up of 102 minerals and they all are electrical. The body doesn’t assimmilate anything unless it is electrical. Nothing! Unless it is electrical. That is how the body
assmilate things. ‘Is protein electrical?’ And if it electrical Dr Steinberg it has to have a certain amount of electrons per atom.

‘Well, I don’t know that.’

‘Protein is one of the ninteen amino acids, the building block of life.’Oh God, I said I’m really confused, ‘amino acids’, the human body is not made up of amino acids nor any alphabetical letter like vitamin A you found in carrots.
The body is made up of minerals, so where do we accommodate amino acids in the human body. ‘How do we do that Dr. Steinberg?

Dr. Steindberg, I’m confused, you are leading me on a path, that I, that is virtually unknown to me. Amino acids, are they electrical? I want you to identify protein, nobody can, I can’t, you can’t and nobody can, is a madeup word, has no place in the human body and the fallacy is that you find the highest concentration of protein in pork meat. And when someone is suffering with alzheimers he has an extra protein in his blood then protein no longer becomes equitable, is something else now isn’t it.

I said Dr Steinberg let me ask you a question, what is Sickel cell anemia?

‘Well, Sickle cell anemia is a disease that black people got ten thousand years ago because their blood went through mutation.’

Oh god, oh I said, I am really delirious now because we have brother named Dick Gregory that said in Gramden Hall that Sickle Cell was given to us by God to fight malaria. You now said is mutation. The problem with both statements is that they both came from Europe because Dick Gregory was not trained by an African perspective. He was trained by your brother told you is mutation and your brother told Dick Gregory is God.

Well let me tell you something Dr Steinberg is neither God nor mutation it is the deprivation of iron fluorine and I think that I’m sick and tired of this is the moment sitting here and you have no premise or foundation, let me get the hell out of here and I left, you understand.

Got a bit of arrogance in this Sagitatian, you don’t pay me!


I didn’t come to be played with! And I don’t play with anyone.

Now, the second one is… one the way out the bulletin board read, ‘Sickle Cell Meeting on Georgia Avenue, May 18, 1983. The people that are with me said you got to go to that meeting. I said, are you crazy? Are you out of your mind? I am NOT going to be able to talk. I am not part of the elite, I am the boy that doesn’t belong to any organization and the boy doesn’t have anyone to defend him and help him. Why should I be in the audience, what the woman said you got to go anyway, so I went.

I went with my … socks and my white pants and shirt and all these doctors and ….Avenue at the Sickle Cell building that you may know. I walk up there, I felt strange because all those doctors they went to school for many many years… I didn’t go anything.

I sit there, I’m waiting, because here is a French man from Abijan who is coming to give us a talk on sickle cell anemia. Dr Pierre Landerdoff is the great hematologist in Abijan. Listen to what this man gonna say. Listen carefully now. I want you all to pay attention because I didn’t come here to confuse you I came here to share information with you that was shared with me and I have gathered over the years, not to come with some lies to you.

You are a family and if I help to dig you in the grave then I’m not doing anything too beautiful isn’t it?

We have to be ethical!

We have to be moral!

We have to have some principle. Here walk in Dr Pierre Landerdoff. ‘Good evening’. I stood up, ‘good evening’. everybody sit down.

I am Pierre Landerdoff, I am the leading Hematologist at the University in Abijan and I have been treating a sickle cell patient for a reason for 14 years, AS group and what is significant in this patient is that everytime there is, he is under stress lactocomia shows up in his blood. Under certain stress condition, lactocomia shows up.

I said he just did the first mistake. I didn’t say anything because these doctos went to medical school. I didn’t go to any school.

They hear what this man is saying but there’re not listening. I have been treating this patient for 14 years and lactocomia is always present under certain stress condition and they begin to give this man a standing ovation.

Oh my god, what am I going to do. I stood up, I said Dr Landerdoff, I am a little bit confused and it could be because of my ignorance that I am confused, not because you are not intelligent, it could be my ignorance. But since you are the doctor and you are the intelligent one I expected for you to help me.

Did you say that your patient shows lactacomia under certain stress condition. He said ‘yes, do you disagree?’

Not at all, not at all but Dr. Landerdoff isn’t lactocomia a byproduct or derivative of lactic acid? He said ‘yes’ and lactic acid is a derivative of milk, he said ‘yes’.

Right then he destroyed his whole premise. What are you giving a black man milk that has sickle cell anemia? You see, but these things are not registering with us. We want to believe that we cannot offer a position that is credible and it could not come from a black, especially one like me.

How could you believe me when I didn’t go to school when it is school determines whether you are smart or dumb but in my dumb state of being I have cured AIDS and sickle cell, and lupus, and herpes, and cancer and blindness. So what’s going on? Am I really dumb?


So I said to him. Dr Landerdoff, what is sickle-cell anemia?

His respond was truthful, ‘I don’t know’.

I said, ‘thank you’.

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