Dr Sebi – Stubborn Case of Mental Illness (Gut/Brain Connection)

Lily of the valley

Dr Sebi:

So Dr. Sebi is happy to know that he is one among many that submitted to God on the level of healing and nutrition.

I am glad that I no longer eat meat. I am happy because I am at some measure of peace with myself. And I wasn’t peaceful once. No I were not, Oh God no, I wanted to kill my wife and I meant that.

You see, but then I had a lady from Mexico, that walked in my house cursing me, cursing me ‘es negro del calso’*, ‘negro de graciado’*, ‘es dinero de savado’*. Saying ‘This black man don’t know anything and he’s bare feet. I don’t know why my son bring me here.

And she’s talking bad. And her son said ‘that’s your patient’.

So I gave her everything that relates to the central nerves system, nothing happened.

One day he came and I pondered with that situation. ‘Santana de Dios’. Her name is Maria Santana de Dios. I say how am I going to help this lady, how am I missing this lady.

I am going to her central nerve system. I gave her the Lily of the Valley, I give her the Harley Thistle or Blessed Thistle, I gave her the Damiana, I gave her everything that relates to the Central Nerves system, the woman haven’t budged.

When I woke up next day, I said, ‘you have denied yourself’, because my early research shows that every disease begins right here (pointing to gut), I mean right here.

I don’t care if you’re blind or if you’re insane, it’s right here. That negative message, that acid state influences the brain and the central nerve system. It changes the image in your eyes.

You do not see with your eyes, your eyes is only the lens that the brains look through. What the brain sees is what you gonna see and that lady was saying, ‘No, don’t let them take me, no’ but there was nobody there but she was seeing that.

The son came. I said I have something for your mammy and I made an extract from the Cascara Sagrada and he picked it up. He came back three days later. Every time he came, he said ‘my mom is still crazy’, ‘my mom is still crazy’, ‘my mom is still crazy’. This time he says, ‘how you think she’s doing?’

I said because you asked me that she’s cured. He said you’re right.

‘Mammy come on upstairs’ and she came up stairs and she said ‘young man I want to ask you a question, did I curse you out?’ I said ‘yes you did.’

She said ‘you know what I did that’. I said, ‘no’. Because my son been taking me to all these doctors and they’ve been taking our money and they never healed me, and I thought you were going to be one of them and then you were bare feet.

You know no body trust you when you’re bare feet. You suppose to have eleven hundred dollar shoes on. You see, God didn’t make any shoes, the industrialist did, and you have to obey them.

She said, ‘but I was going down the steps you said when my son asked you. you think you’re gonna help mammy?’ I say, ‘if it is God will’; and she heard that. She no longer crazy.

She told the story, she said that when she went to the bathroom upon taking the Cascara Sagrada extract, she looked into the commode and saw some berries that she ate 12 years prior. They were lodged and they became molded and send off that negative message. Again, the mucus membrane in the intestine were compromised.

There is only one disease, you could tell the world that Dr Sebi said that.

God is good all the time.

*Spanish language – possible difference in interpretation

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