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Dr Sebi:
The African Biomineral Balance is a therapeutical approach to pathology that addresses disease on two levels. One an intracellular cleansing, an intracellular chelation. We have to clean the cells or what of the toxins that has been accumulated and brought the disease in the first place.

We have to clean the toxins out, is as simple as that and second we have to build the body back up with what with energy that is natural from the natural plants. One of the main players is iron it is impossible for you to get sick if your iron level is up to par. Everybody that’s sick is anemic.

I was talking to a young man on the phone today he uh cherie sheree came from New York to visit me and her friend is sick he’s from Haiti and I’m talking to him and he’s telling me about his condition so I said to him, I said young man did someone tell you in the past that you were anemic? “I’m anemic now”, he said.

I knew he had to be if you have a simple cold if you have any disease. I don’t care what disease you have, you’re anemic because if your iron was up to par, like I said you would not be sick, impossible but when have we had iron in our diet. Don’t tell me you got it in beets because beet is a hybrid plant. Beets were made in Holland also it’s a laboratory product, beet has inorganic lead. You see we’re growing right? We’re growing but they have a lot of diversions that they put in front of us and one of them is taking a toll on us right now and a group of women in New York hated me because I made a statement and they came to me and said you know if you weren’t the way you are. “I would like to be your woman but you’re not spiritual”.

I said but I don’t know what that is I heard talk about it people mention it they say they are
but I don’t know what it is I don’t know spiritual I don’t know what that means but I know what this one means when you’re cosmically connected meaning that you’re going to obey the laws of life and because you are obeying that law that natural law your body would recuperate again and it will keep you without distress but if and I see you eating these ham hocks and this cabbage and these potatoes well I’d rather not be spiritual because these things hurt the body and spiritual people eat those things where do we get that but then we believe that when we use the word spiritual that it brings us to another level of life that is free of stress and that

I’m free now of all that which is painful, not so, you just trapped yourself because look at what all spiritual people eat they eat a food that denies their biology. You see when god or nature made things and place things around the world he placed a … when the Mexican asks me what is the food of the black man with our anthropologists today and all of us have them in the community. Jay Rogers, Chancellor Williams, Sheikh Diap, look that Mexican put them aside and heal your brother that now is healing diseases that no one else is in healing. It start with a Mexican because an understanding that came from the organic and that is what that Mexican told me he said you and I are members of the organic family. What do you mean by that Alfredo he said we didn’t produce waste the organic family is the black man the Aztec, the Toltec, the American Indians, they make up the organic family there were no waste, now you have these trucks right
waste management but that is the society that we live in today a wasteful society.

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