Dr Sebi Is Asked About Fear


Fear maybe defined as an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm. Many people live their lives in fear of one thing or the other, which depending on the nature of the situation, could have a devastating effect in their lives. In this video Dr Sebi is asked about fear. Not only does he talk about fear but other aspects of the human experience that we should be aware of.

Dr Sebi:

Thank you for coming.


Yes, what I want to know is …my name is Justine and what I want to know is how do you get rid of fear.

Dr Sebi:

How do you get rid of fear [Justine: yes, please ], hah aha, there ain’t a nigger in the world as scared as me and you want me to tell you how to get rid of fear.

Well, you know something about fear, FEAR. Fear is a natural occurrence, you don’t get rid of fear, you understand fear. You don’t get rid of it because fear is necessary, but you don’t let fear control you, because it would paralyze you. Fear would prevent you from opening the door where there is a great big beautiful tomorrow. Fear… you see when I was insane, to a greater extent than I am now, I was placed in a psychiatric ward in New Jersey, uh huh and they were right but what they didn’t know that I was aware that I was sick. I was also aware that I would not take any, of anything that they gave me in that hospital. But there was a man, you know the swinging doors, right?

A swinging door is a door that opens both ways, and you only swing it – and every time he came to his door to go inside his room, he used to stand there grrr grrr and he could never open that door.

I used to go by and swing the door and he would say, ‘thank you man’. Why couldn’t he open that door? Fear. But once you open the door and you see this great big thing, fear is gone, a bright tomorrow, hey, I am no longer in fear. But then comes another one that’s gonna trick you.

What’s that surety… is ‘e’? Alright, ‘surety’. Surety make you do this, ‘hey I’m bad now’ but there could be a quick sand there and you’re gone. So you learn that when you conquer fear, then you walk, but you test, carefully.

And if you conquer surety, then you go into the other one, and this one gonna really trick you, Power. Power gives you a freedom to execute, but not to violate, because if you violate, even though you are in power, they will kill you. They did that to Nicolae Ceaușescu, right, in Czechoslovakia because Nicolae Ceaușescu wanted everyone to stop eating meat, because he knew, but you don’t change people overnight, they killed the man. Because he imposed some other laws on them that were cruel, he used to kill them too. So power has to be understood, not to be misused.

Then if you survive power, then you get the last one that’s gonna get you [writes ‘old age’ on the board]. So you see, its all about peace.

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