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Dr Sebi

Dr Sebi:
You know I never look at it as us being a victim. What occurred had to occur. This thing that we called slavery that wasn’t slavery. That was something that had to occur it was…[Interviewer:…that is again…] because it wasn’t supposed to occur it would not have occurred [Interviewer: ah ah]. Alright, it’s as simple as that, now as for me having the ability to differentiate between what should or should not be well I got that through a whole lot of help. I was born in Central America and I remember seeing certain things. So when I came to America I began comparing what I saw as a little boy with what was now. So, I could see that there was a difference. Then being with these black people in New Orleans and in California I began to develop a different sense of communication with things but this is what I did. When I would go to Peru or I would go to Colombia I would go to the marketplace and I would ask the woman in the marketplace why do you use this herb and they would tell me.

I will go to the marketplace in Africa, why do you use this herb?

But they were giving me these empirical, historical documentation. Well, guess what happened? I would catalog the herb bring them with me and send them to Lancaster Laboratories asking them to tell me what is the active ingredient in these plants.

And if that active ingredient doesn’t associate, doesn’t connect with the disease that they claim but they were using it for, well I know that it were in error. But guess what happened? Every herb that I got from those people who we considered natives, indigenous when the reading came back from lab from the laboratory they say yes the Cancansa would affect you sexually. I don’t care how old you are but it has a high concentration of zinc.

The other one which is the Seh-Haw they said it has a lot of potassium phosphate I remove a tumor for Michael Jackson’s son head. Then the other one from Peru, the one that is called the Condurango, the woman said it’s good for your blood. Well, the woman in Honduras got cured of leukemia.

But how did they know? I had to send the herb to Lancaster Laboratory because it is the leading laboratory in the world when it comes to biological or biochemical research. How did they know? You know how they know, just like the gorillas knows what to eat. The girl does not have any nutritionist, but you and I who went to school, who are educated and civilized we need a book to eat right, we want to worship God go buy a book, you want to see your way through…go buy a book. Well how come these people in the jungle does not have all that because they are connected. I don’t care what degree you may have, if you are not cosmically connected, you cannot see you a blind and you will make a lot of mistakes and I saw many of us do that.

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