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Hi everyone this is Julie thank you for stopping by for another video today in this video I’ll have a very interesting clip of Dr Sebi speaking about the wonderful Yellow dock. You will see how excited he was about the yellow dock and it’s because it’s such a wonderful herb. It is scientifically known as Rumex crispus and is also called named such as curly dock and curled dock.

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Dr Sebi:
Here is another one it grows in everybody’s yard. You are do you see this right? In about another two months this will be brown, brown, brown, called YELLOW DOCK. And it grows all through the yard and through the highways if you see it.

When you get the leaves, when you eat these leaves, you get more energy than any… because it’s natural. When you eat this, you get energy.

So, if you take the root. It has an outer root, you peel it off take it off and the inner root, you boil it. Your nerves, so nice.

When I was in Memphis when I left last time, I was in Memphis. It’s all through Memphis, on the highway. I had everybody picking up yellow dock [laughter].

My sister made a big pot, so we want to O.D. on it. Yes, we want to O.D., after all it’s good and I am already sixty-five, I want to be young again. And why shouldn’t I? I have that right. I want to be happy.

We drank the whole pot and after a while I said wow, I want to go outside. My sister said, ‘that’s the same thing I was thinking’. And we went outside and we laid down and it was so nice. It was a peace that you never will feel. The root of the yellow dock, please try it.


Yellow dock is one member of the dock family which contains other herbs such as the water dock and sour dock. They are all iron rich plants.

As Dr Sebi points out, the yellow dock is a plant that can be used to improve vitality and that is because the yellow dock is a plant with a high amount of iron.

The yellow dock can be used on it’s own or in combination with other herbs, such as, you could combine it with the Dandelion to make a nice tonic or you could combine it with for example, the Burdock to make a tonic also. And there are other herbs that you could combine it with to make tonics. I will have link below as to some herbal recipes that do contain the yellow dock that you may want to check out.

Traditionally the yellow dock is known as an alternative and a mild tonic. It is used for acute and chronic inflammation of the nasal passages and respiratory tract.

It is also traditionally used for scurvy and skin eruptions because it’s known as a blood cleanser. It’s an astringent that is used for hemorrhoids and pulmonary bleeding and it has also been used as a remedy for jaundice and also as a tonic for the stomach.

Yellow dock is also used by some individuals for tracheal coughs and also morning diarrhea and these are
just some of the many uses of the yellow dock.

There are no health hazard or side effects that are known in conjunction with the proper administration of the yellow dock. Don’t forget to like, share, comment and subscribe and visit the blog – theAfricanBio-mineralBalance.com.

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  1. Julie another great video as usual. The earth has a better chance of healing because of you continuing the powerful words of Dr. Sebi. Continuing speaking truth and unadulterated facts.


    Lorrie Rutledge

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