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Dr Sebi in Bahamas
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Dr Sebi – Herbs, Water, Juice – What You Put In Your Mouth

Dr Sebi: The man said, where you’re from? I said Honduras. You kind of full of shit, that’s what he said in Spanish. Estas geno…

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Dr Sebi – Physicians – Herbalists – Herbs

Dr Sebi: We, the so-called natural healers we talk about the physician but the physician has his place in society very much so just as…

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Burdock plant
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Dr Sebi – Do Herbs Have An Expiration Date?

This transcript was automatically generated. 1 00:00:08,320 –> 00:00:10,800 very much 2 00:00:09,040 –> 00:00:12,880 okay you’re welcome and actually I think 3 00:00:10,800 –>…

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Dr Sebi
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Dr Sebi – Learning About Herbs

Dr Sebi:You know I never look at it as us being a victim. What occurred had to occur. This thing that we called slavery that…

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