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Dr Sebi:

Welcome to one of the most oldest subject that man could entertain, the subject of healing. I am Sebi from the USHA Research Institute and this evening we will introduce you to another aspect or the journey to healing. Then now you may ask, healing well after all we have heard so many entities and perspectives, why another? Well you see, if all of those that has been brought to us and presented were doing the work that we expect for them to do, naturally another entity would be unnecessary. So here we have it, the entity that makes the difference.

Healing, healing covers every aspect of man, healing brings peace, there could be no peace unless there is wellness in the body. We have today the Allopathic and the Homeopathic, you know they are European. We have the Indians they are Ayuvedic, we have the Macrobiotic, the Japanese we have the Yin-Yang, Chinese, but while mentioning these various entities – European, Chinese, Indian and Japanese none represented the history of the so-called black man, the one they call today the African.

The African was left out. Then one should ask the question, why was he left out and if he was left out why didn’t the children of Africa look and search for one that would be consistent with us because most certainly taking an inorganic substance does not help and compounded by a carcinogen, worse. We find at the end the Ayuvedic they uses milk and copper to treat diabetes. We find that the Chinese and Japanese uses starches to combat disease. We find that these positions and philosophy doesn’t really complement the African biological structure. So today, with the help of the USHA Research Institute using the African Bio mineral Balance many things would be iron out and we will solve many of the unanswered things or questions.

We could begin by saying and agreeing with the ecclesiastical dictates which says ‘the herbs for the healing of the nations’ in the book of Genesis, in the Book of Ezekiel, in the book of Revelation. It is stated in three different parts in the Bible that the herbs are for the healing of the nations. Well one would easily ask, what went wrong, if the herbs are for the healing of the nation and God is saying it what could have gone wrong that caused us to detour from that, these questions have been answered – no, they have not been answered because the whole population of the planet is consistently and constantly using products that God did not design for healing.

The herbs are for the healing of the nations. Well, if we do not want to accept that because it is too simple but God said it we could take it on another level, the historical level. The herbs were use by the great doctor, Hippocrates, the one that was given the credit as being the first doctor that laid the foundation of medical science although there are history that Imhotep One was the first, but you know the Greeks wanted to be number one and they still do. They like being number, one, well they could occupy the position of number one. I will grant them that position. Not that we have granted them the position has been the number one in medicine and that Hippocrates being the father of Medicine, what did he use chemicals or herbs? Kind of funny isn’t it, because in the days of Hippocrates it was said and it is known according to his history he cured all disease, every disease known to man using herbs as the base of his curative energy.

Well if the father of medicine established the principle of medical science why are we using chemicals today and we are not addressing to either one they are any disease that has been cured with an inorganic chemical. If we want to take it higher into a scientific level we find that the herbs contain carbon, hydrogen and oxygen and what does that have to do with anything. It has a lot to do with everything – why? The composition of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen is the base for all living things. All living species plants, animal and men. Carbon is the base of all life. When carbon is absent life does not exist, it is as simple as that.

So now we understand that for the body to assimilate something it must contain carbon, hydrogen and oxygen because the body is composed of such structure. We have it ecclesiastical, historically and scientifically there could be no argument about the three position that the herb occupies, showing their ability to assimilate.

Assimilation, what does that mean? It means a lot, assimilation only means something going into the body and becoming one with you, uniting. The only substance that could unite would be a substance that the body is already composed of. Scientists tell us that they are approximately a hundred and four minerals in the soil, so the body contains the same amount. Ingesting one or more of these minerals the body will accept them. Why, because there’s one equal in the body for assimilation to take place meaning that iron would unite with iron in you, calcium would unite with calcium in you. But if I take a chemical that does not appear in my structure, my biological structure, my body with what the substance taken going to unite with? And everything unites in the body through chemical affinity. There could be no affinity because I am NOT made of inorganic chemicals so you see it is very easy to understand this but now as we leave this particular point one we find that we have to go to point two, why? Because point two will show what is going on that is preventing us from using our senses as they are called out of those senses come on an original thought.

If we were using the original thought from the beginning we would have never deviated from God because you see God did not make rice and beans, carrots and tofu. God did make a cow, nor a hog, a lamb, nor a dog, that is the truth. If disagreed with it is easy, there’s research in the area of animal husbandry and mechanical cybernation and cross pollination which comes under the title of what plants, plants.

Plants, now many plants exists but how are we capable of differentiating or separating a plant that came with life and a plant that was made by God it becomes very difficult why well the fact of the matter is we deviated from God when he said that the herbs are for the healing of the nations and the fruit shall be for meat.

If we deviated from God it is easier for us not to see what was said that God did not make a cow for us to understand these things one has to return to the original thought when nothing of a sort existed. You see, the original thought does not come out of a school of philosophy. No philosophy has never had to do anything with life. Philosophy never addressed to life. Philosophy is a product of the brain of some individual, but that is alright, that is quite alright. Why? Because the individual philosopher he was totally unaware that what he was thinking was his product, belongs to him, but he took it upon himself to believe that what he was thinking and what he was entertaining was supposed to be sufficient for all mankind, far from the truth. Impossible!

Why, because when God created things, he created things representing a particular genetical structure, oh yes he did. He did that very carefully but again to see this cosmic or ecclesiastical arrangement one has to have the usage or the privilege of the original thought. The original thought would come from you and only you. Now we’re going to begin to show what is meant that when God created things that he placed things in a particular geography with a particular temperature consistent with that cell group, sure because God and only God could do such a thing.

He placed the gorilla in Africa, with some green leaves all around the gorilla, his environment is green, not so for the polar bear. The polar bear is placed in Alaska with seals, fish that he should eat and it’s cold. The gorilla he is placed with leaves that he should eat. Among those leaves there were no bananas, because bananas are hybrids.

Again from the category of industrial agriculture, so the gorillas, like the polar bear, if we were to interfere with God you will see something very disastrous. All you have to do is to move the gorilla from Africa and place it in Alaska, immediately upon two weeks he’ll freeze to death, he cannot protect himself from the cold. And after, if you were to succeed in helping him to live in such an environment what about his food? He doesn’t eat fish or seals. He eat plants, he eat leaves, he eat berries, fruits and vice versa, if you were to take the polar bear to Africa most certainly he could not live with the temperature. The temperature is too much for him. It is impossible, it is unbearable because he was not made to live in Africa. We leave these two animals and we go to a plant.

The plant we’re gonna select two or three to make it very easy, the burdock plant when one appeals to the burdock plant for energy, what is the mineral in question that the burdock is abundantly supplied with, iron. Iron is the mineral that the burdock plant has in abundance, meaning that like the gorilla who selects a green leaf, the polar bear selecting a seal, the burdock plant selects iron. Is it clear? Of course it is clear.

Let us go to the homo sapien, are we not part of the same law? Are we not indebted to the same law of God, that cosmic arrangement or do we feel that we are exempt from such a law? Well you know that if we take that particular position naturally it becomes difficult to live. Life would not be manifesting in the level, on the level that God intend for it to be because we are violating.

Why should I raise the question about violating god. I have to. We at the USHA Research Institute for years, 20 plus now has been trying to show what could be the reason why our leaders that have been so greatful to us, all of them. They have tried, they have tried in many ways to bring us together, that we could give each other the love that is missing since we have been removed from mother country.

In the Supreme Court of the United States, New York Supreme Court, I mean, a question was asked, when the African was removed from his environment, five hundred years ago did they bring his food with him? The answer was no, no our food was not brought to the shores of North America. Listen carefully, for a gorilla to function of his optimum level he has to eat what God provided for him. The polar bear, likewise the burdock plant, the same. And what about us? What about us the so-called black man? You think that God didn’t know what he was doing when he placed black people in Africa with the plants and the fruits that was necessary to man to maintain this level of life that we are seeking now.

No, our leaders were not help to understand that a diesel automobile cannot run with gasoline fuel, nor vice versa. If they had understood that, or maybe they did but it was not time. The USHA Research has taken upon itself the responsibility. Like all the others before, we are only adding another step on the ladder, but a little bright spot appears where there was darkness and we jumped on it. We realize that our leaders, our healers, our spiritual healers, there was a component missing that they were unaware of. The food that is consistent with our genes – that was the component that was missing. Then we would ask, well Sebi – who made rice and beans, carrots and cassava, who made the hog? And how was these things made, after all God made everything. Of course everything that is good God made, but not everything because man has interfered in the last two thousand years with that which God has made. He have added new products thinking that it was necessary for him to do such a thing.

Well you know when you take it upon yourself to do that you were saying that God didn’t complete his work. So what men did was to take two of God’s animals and make a third, but the problem was that is that the third product, which is the one that man wanted, like in the case of the horse and the jackass crossed to make a mule. Originally a mule, no a jackass and a horse would never meet because of birds of one feather flock together and that holds true for every animal, man and plant. Chemical affinity. A zebra would never have any relationship with a harada why because another animal in Africa that looks like a horse does not exist. The harada comes from Persia so the zebra would have to travel many thousands of miles to get to Persia to meet with this horada but God separated them with geography and distance, ensuring that the species would be perpetuated. You know how a mule was made through what, crossbreeding, but very few of us knew that all the beans, the carrots, and peas rice and wheat are all products of laboratory.

Laboratory dictates today without having the usage of the original thought one could easily be confounded. Of course a carrot is a vegetable, oh yes, how did it become that, after all the research that USHA has done was to investigate the plant from a biochemical level. Why a biochemical level, it is necessary. The biochemical structure of a substance tells us if this thing is good to ingest or not. The biochemical structure also teaches us the the properties that this plant is housing or contained, which is necessary to know. We take the first, if a substance contains starch you know that God could not have made it. Why, God could not have make made a substance with starch because starch contains carbonic acid. It converts it to carbonic acid, I’m sorry, but it contains starch and sugar.

Starch is acid, any scientist anywhere in the world know the starch is acid and that once entering our body it is converted into what, carbonic acid. What about the milk of the cow, that we drink, that we offer our children, did anyone teach us, show us, that cow’s milk is also a hybrid animal and that the milk would necessarily be acid. If you were to milk a buffalo, a lioness or a tiger, the milk of that animal would be on the alkali side. What do I mean by alkali? Alkali, I mean all of those substances that support life, you see the opposite to alkali is acid.

We’re gonna take our nose this nose here as the centerline. A pH of seven. Why do I put seven at my nose because seven is neutral to my right is alkali to my left is acid seven is neutral. Scientists knows that too when something has a pH of seven it means that that substance is neutral. But if the pH is less than 7 towards 6.9 that substance is acid.

Now, one should ask the question if that is so why would it be so necessary and compelling to ingest an acid substance knowing the damage that this substance would do to the body. So then we have to ask when did it began and I mean no, certainly not by god. We the so-called black race should not have to ask such a question because we were not the violators. We were being violated. We were right in the place where God placed us, we were living under these trees with fruits with vegetables, plants, natural plants and natural vegetation. There was no rice, no beans, no hogs, no chicken, no tofu, because these things are simply laboratory products.

Now that we get that out of the way, I hope, understanding that a laboratory product could not really support life, because if a laboratory product could support life then what are we saying? We are saying that man could create life is that possible – it is impossible. So what is it what is the compelling energy that is come that is forcing us to travel on such a vibration. Oh well as for us we were taken away from home 500 years ago. Five thousand miles away from mother. You know I know for a fact that our anthropologists, historians, archaeologists and leaders did not really investigate the reason why they are using so much energy to bring us together yet from the time that they came to us approximately a good 50 years are we more United now or are we more divided?

Are we healthier or are we sicker? The answer would be we are sicker and we are more divided, telling us what that whatever was introduced or entertained was not the real thing. It was something other than the real thing because the real thing which comes from the original thought is the very thing that USHA uses to bring about the reverse abilities that has been accomplished.

Remember in the Supreme Court of New York the month of September the 29th a verdict was passed of not guilty on Dr. Sebi. What was the verdict not guilty in accordance with what pertaining to what? Well you see the USHA Research Institute placed an ad in the newspapers in New York that AIDS has been cured by the USHA Research Institute and we specialize in leukemia, sickle cell, herpes, cancer, impotence and others. This was the ad. I was asked by the consumers affair to remove the ad. I denied them that privilege. I said, no, unless you give me a reason. Well the reason was not given but what was repeated to Dr. Sebi was that he wants me to remove the ad. When I walked out of his office, the office of Mr. Fitzgerald on Center Street, I went back to my office. A month passed and the ad remained on the month of February the 9th of 1987 I received a call from the Consumers Affair at 8 o’clock at night which was a Monday telling me or asking me why didn’t I remove the ad my answer and my response were the same because a reason was not given to the USHA research.

The response to that, the reply were, ‘I can’t talk to you I see’, I said, ‘not in the manner in which you have presented yourself, no the ad remain.’ Well whenever one of us stand up in defense of mother and self one could easily understand what the consequences would be. Listen to this carefully the ad was placed by the USHA research institute that AIDS had been cured wouldn’t it be just or intelligent to at least investigate to see if this individual was really doing what they claim to do? No that was not granted to the USHA Research and Dr Sebi knowing the attitude of America why should he expect such a thing, no, that is impossible.

So I was arrested on February 10th of 1987 having to prove that we cured these various diseases but if the approach was used that everyone else has embarked on do you think that AIDS or sickle-cell would have been cured, no, because they are not doing it now with the entity that they represent. So why should I subject myself to such an entity or of such philosophy it would be of no avail because then I will be giving you what everyone else has already given and that is what when the USHA Research Institute opened at 616 Pacific Street and the Amsterdam Youth news run an article that one Miss Emma Wright was cured of sickle cell anemia, up until that point and since then, to now, no one has ever done that.

Well shouldn’t the question be asked why on both points why aren’t they and why are we? This has to come from a fearless individual to ask such a question, see it only had to come from the original thought. We all have the right to ask question why the USHA Research Institute is curing sickle cell not only Miss Emma Wright, Miss Aquila Stroud, a little ten years old young lady that now live in Washington and Steve Eugene Charles that live in Aruba and Antonia Bhansali’s from Cuba who was then the secretary of the Cuban ambassador in Washington. He was also treated for diabetes and he was jumping up and down how he want to take me to Cuba.

Well since then I have been invited but proving all the time that there is there is the opportunity and there is a method that disease could be combatted and reverse meaning cure. We thought at the USHA Research using the African Biomineral Balance and accomplishing all of these things that we were doing the community of the world not only America and the black race but the whole entire globe a favor was being done no on the contrary. On two points, the pharmaceutical laboratories and America arrested Dr Sebi, it was not in their interest that is easily understood, after all why should they?

Why should they undermine themselves? No, I expect no one to take such a position but now applying the same attitude in reference to our brothers and sisters who are more indebted to disease than any other race on the planet today the so-called black race. Why did they take such a strong position against Dr. Sebi and the Usha Research Institute? Why did the healers if out of ten one of us accomplish that which was being pursued through scientific methodology accomplishing such a quest shouldn’t that encourage the others who had not the nine days left to join and to improve and to raise the level of their consciousness in reference to compounds or medicines?That was not done, it was not done, why, is it their fault, no? Is it the fault of my brother who was a preacher that he was a shepherd to lead his flock to disease.

It was not his fault either, neither was at the fault of any of our leaders. Little did we know that the fuel given to us was gonna undermine all possibilities little did we know and little do we know the extent of the damage done. After all let us ask the question ourselves – you and me. Has anyone fathom the damage that meat has done to our neurons in our brain, no. Has anyone taken the time out to see if the damage that has been done and the depth of that damage could possibly be responsible for preventing us from giving the love that we know we have to give because inherently we are loving people and if that is not taken with seriousness enough to look back to mother let us take a look by force let us force ourself for a second and look at the beauty of it. To see the equity in it.

Remember what was said in point two, that God did not give the gorilla fish to eat, nor polar bear leaves. So, if God did not give the polar bear leaves and the gorilla fish, what do you think that God gave the black man in Africa? Absent of cows, dogs, hogs, chicken, rice, beans, carrot, wheat.

What did the African eat? Is impossible for us to ask our leaders. No, that question could not come from them. They were too busy with some other stuff, whatever that related to because we say and we see, we experienced now that division is greater now than before. I mean, when we were recently released from slavery we cling to each others for help. We could only search the night with one another and at that point they were knowing historians or anthropologists but we were together.

We had to pause right because if little after slavery we were still close together with all they have that the anthropologists and historians, philosophers let us not leave them out. What did they do? Did they help, was there equity? No there were no equity.

The meat that was given to us that changed our whole harmonial flow have damages to the extent that it made it impossible for us to see. For us to entertain an original thought you have to be able to see, see – what? Well to many, they call seeing wisdom. Whatever that is, I never found it I’m sixty years of age now, I never found it, knowledge less. I’ve heard these terms used, but when we seek, whatever it is we are seeking this wisdom and this knowledge, how do we apply knowledge to life and what is it? Since one is in quest of knowledge then one should know the reasons why we pursue this particular end.

I never pursued it because I never knew because my friends who are scholars they could never intelligently show me what is wisdom some says is reading a whole lot of books but the people that I know that read a whole lot of books they’re sick with diabetes now, some of them died with gout. If it is pursuing it through some religious means then good but what is it that one acquires and one gains to say that wow I am wise, now I am wise.

Now wise man what do you do what makes you so wise that separates you from the others. That was never shown, of course not. It was never shown, so therefore we have to throw wisdom out to the window. What is it that Sebi and the USHA Research Institute pursues – PEACE. The old man told me in …..*, Honduras that if wisdom exists he’s 80 some odd years of age he said that if wisdom exists, he could only attribute peace to that word they call wisdom. Ah but now for one to acquire peace one has to negate all of the things that fit in the pH on the left of my nose one cannot use those substances because you’re acid and they would prevent us from seeing because they cause cell erosion.

He said that wisdom is peace oh I liked it because I like to be at peace. There is nothing as tasty, as palatable as peace. When one is peaceful one renders peace to others. It is easy, it is easy to see such a thing. Again remembering that to see this thing one has to entertain the original thought and how do we get to that? What is the original thought?

Well, I hope that we don’t return to Africa at least our brain. We will easily see that our brothers live for hundreds of years without all of the above-mentioned, the rice the beans, the carrot, hog and the chicken.

They could not have eaten, those things because those things are acid and they were not made by the Creator and the Africans didn’t have a laboratory to begin to perform what is known as industrial agriculture, plant husbandry, cross pollination. No, but you know as we talk of all of this eating all these acid substance from my nose to my left which is the acid. Could you imagine that all of our babies, that including myself that is talking to you, what kind of environment existed in my father and my mother when they conceived Dr. SEBI, was it an alkali to my right or was it an acid? Well after all my father ate meat. He ate dead things, upon eating these dead things he made love to my mother, in the name of love. The result of that lovemaking is sitting here, your servant, talking to you but after evaluating the above am I sane? Am I totally in sync? No, no Dr. Sebi never give the impression to anyone that he was as sane as he would like to be, because Dr. SEBI takes his brain and his thoughts back to Africa and he realizes that if there is any kind of interference or adulteration how could they be a product that is safe and sound?

Shouldn’t that lead us to the other question to the other side of this platform. Our fathers and our mothers did not eat rice, beans, carrots, hogs and chicken, didn’t drink cow milk so we could see easily the quality of the sperm that was given to our great, great, great ancestors from our great, great father to our great great mother the quality of the sperm was alkali. Our mothers didn’t have vaginal discharge, our babies were not born sick our brain wasn’t impacted. We were hooked up to the same energy that makes a bird makes its nest, also the polar bear makes her den in the pole, the North Pole in Alaska and it is warm in there. Where did she go to school to learn how to do that?

Learn how the wind would be shared across this hold and instead of it being cold, it is warm. The males could not do tha, it takes the female, but they do it. Did she go to engineering school oh no we men says in answer to that the polar bear did that and the bird did it the polar bear the bird did what they did to sustained a life through instinct.

Well, if that is true that animals uses instinct where then instinct is superior to a school of thought. Oh boy, I remember once when I wrote the paper ‘The Gorilla versus Kant’, you see Kant was a philosopher, he was Immanuel Kant, was a German philosopher. He knew all sorts of matters but the one thing that he was afford to know above all was the substance placed in his mouth to sustain his life, had no idea what those things were. The gorilla, oh yes, right on time ma man. The gorilla, he ate only that which he was coded to eat, like the burdock plant was coded to eat the iron, like the polar bear is fish.

We don’t want to accept that there is a cosmic hookup, a cosmic marriage, we call it instinct. So instinct holds supreme because those animals did not deviate from the way God arranged things, the ecclesiastical arrangement. Men, he doesn’t use his instincts, we are superior to that, we uses philosophy, we use as a school of thought.

That is so beautiful to say, a school of thought that makes me more capable of making a decision and that would be consistent and equitable, no, we are the one that have violated. Not the black race, not me the so-called black man, not the African. No, we were not responsible for making such a decision or deviating or detouring from God. That was done by someone else. We could not have done that. First it was done by removing us, and then it was done to brothers in Africa by invasion. So you see, if there’s anyone that is righteous I could easily claim the position. Of course we are righteous, we have to be righteous, why? Because we are not violators and we are the children of Africa. Africa did not have alcohol, Africa didn’t have prostitution, Africa didn’t have money, Africa didn’t have the judges and policemen, handcuffs and jails, coins none of that.

And aren’t these things the very things that we say is associated with sin. Well these things were not in Africa, we were so sin less that our mothers and our fathers didn’t wear any clothes and no one was naked so how could we be sinful so you see as we look at healing we have to understand how the disease begun. We have not done that yet, because how many of us want to look back at Africa to see Africa before the word disease, very few of us. I know most certainly not in the United States because every book that I have ever read in the United States in reference to healing by white black or Chinese they have in there compounds comfrey, aloe vera, goldenseal.

Do you think that God made these things? No it is not they are non-electrical. What does electricity have to do with anything? It has everything to do with everything, because electricity supports life. The Greeks identified God as the god Electra, for a good reason. I am moving my mouth and my body. You think that they could be motion without that motion being electrical? No brothers and sisters, every motion that exists has to be electrical and don’t start your little brain to moving, even the clouds that move in the sky, as they call it, they are electrical because they contain water, and there is nothing on the planet that can that carries electricity or an electrical conductor like water. Electrician could tell you that, so what’s the problem?

The problem is not having the availability of the original thought. When a leader take it upon himself to lead a flock would it be more profitable to lead a flock that is well or a flock that is sick? After all the very Bible teaches us that if we are obedient to our Creator he promises us longevity and health. You want to see disease, let us visit our churches and our synagogues, our temples and we see disease.

Then after seeing disease in these places, our shepherd indulges against that which God has designed for us, so the flock follows him, it happened to my brother. Isn’t that frightening. You’re stepping on toes but should we charge the bearer of the information? No, he should not be charged, we should listen. I could not have gather all of this information unless I had listened. Most certainly if I had gone to the discipline as my brother’s I would not have arrived at this particular foundation because I would have given you what they gave you.

There isn’t a healer in the United States whether they are black, white or Chinese that does not recommend the same substance. Is that possible, remember what I said that God gave the gorilla plants to eat and the polar bear meat, so there is a genetical thing that has not been considered.

How could we cross these lines without stopping and really assessing that which we’re gonna do, no could not be done, because everything is based on philosophy. So ladies and gentlemen, this first part of the USHA Research Institute addressing pathology and the reason for disease is helping us to understand first why we are violating and why we are sick. We did not identify what the disease really is, yes we were only preparing myself to understand why we are not accepting the plants after it has been said, ‘the herbs are for the healing of the nations’, in Genesis, in Ezekiel and in Revelation.

It sounds like this is too repetitious but it is there for you to see. Now, using that as a platform could it be telling us that meat really gone deep. Yes, meat has gone very deep. Deep enough to wipe the smile off our face. Many people have come to us that has visited everyone including the spiritual healers but everyone that came to us was eating the very thing that brings disease. So it sets off, you know, like a red light in my head telling me that there was no one that was really addressing disease at the level that we would be comfortable and that we could love ourselves and others. No, because we are sicker now than we has ever been

So just hold tight for part two which would be on take two of ‘The Awakening’, appropriately named ‘The Awakening’, because we are beginning to open our eyes to see that the answer all the time was God.

Thank you, thank you very much and take two we would conclude which I’m positively sure that you would enjoy.


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