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Dr Sebi:
In New York, I used to get stones thrown at me. But I understood. Not because the Caucasian people give me that particular privilege and that kind of environment – I am still the son of Africa. And they come first. But I have to wait a little longer because like I said, if ten men go to sleep, and one wakes up at 5 in the morning, and the others are still sleeping, the best he could do is wait for those to wake up. Because if he tried to go and wake this person up over here…What’s wrong with you? I’m still asleep, can’t you see? So we cannot curse him because he’s asleep. So we just have to unite all of us – all of us – that are yawning to come together and begin the process of helping those that are still asleep. That is our duty. Those of us that are waking up begin to do things that would compliment those that are still asleep. But instead we curse him. We call him dead, we call him asleep. Yes, he’s asleep, but what are you doing in your awake state? Nothing. So let us do something now. Let us come together and further this healing process, because it is grossly needed. All over the world. Not only in the black race, but in the whole human race. Healing is necessary and we have that responsibility because we know that they don’t know what they’re doing. You know how (long) old medicine has been here, how long? It has been here for 253 years.

They’re not curing AIDS or sickle cell or diabetes. No, they’re not. So what are they saying to us, that they just cant do it.

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