Is Agave Nectar Good? – Dr. Sebi – Also Mentioned Moringa

agave nectar

Hi everyone this is Julie thank you for stopping by for another video today. In this video I’ll be playing an excerpt of Dr Sebi speaking on AGAVE and he also mentioned Moringa in this video so I want you to listen very carefully to what he had to say.

So following on from the nutritional guide agave has a really bad rap we wonder why that

Dr Sebi:
Agave may have a very bad reputation by many it’s like, like Moringa have a very high reputation by many, but it is a hybrid, [yes] agave is not a hybrid. Agave is a cactus that comes from the desert [yes] and they process the resin, so I want, in fact, I remember reading on the agave label that it was the only glucose free [yes] it’s not like sugar which has glycerinic acid [yes] so agave coming from a natural source cannot have glycerinic acid that only comes from cane.

So there you have it and please bear in mind that there are different varieties of agave on the market. There is a light-colored agave, the amber color, the dark color, and also the raw varieties. Raw organic agave nectar is produced at temperatures below 115 degrees Fahrenheit and also has a more sweet and neutral flavor and so I would recommend that one has been the better option in terms of choosing agave. Raw organic agave nectar that should be the first option. In this video you’ll also notice that Dr Sebi addressed Moringa, he mentioned the fact that people usually have high reputation of moringa but it’s a hybrid and so people sometimes ask what’s Dr Sebi’s his view on Moringa so there you have it Dr Sebi’s view of Moringa is that Moringa is a hybrid plant and in this example he was showing that it’s a hybrid whereas agave is a natural plant. Apart from agave you could also use dates as a sweetener and there are ways in which you can use that you can use date to make sugar and there are also date sugar available on the market. So there you have it guys. I hope you found this useful, don’t forget to like, share, comment and subscribe, be the change you’d like to see in this world, have a fantabulous day today, tata.

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