Dr Sebi – Artificial – Hybrids


Dr Sebi:
Well in my embryonic stages of healing I went to see Mrs Hollowman, Mrs Holloman said you know the salve that you gave me it made me feel very good but what am I gonna drink now you said that you gonna afford me the best nutrition there ever been. I said I want you to drink carrots juice, beets juice, celery juice she said hold it, stop it.

I said yes ma’am, I’m always obedient i listen to every one of you, I like to listen when I listen to you I learn she said you want a healer I said yes ma’am I want to heal everything she said but you’re not going to do it the way you’re going. I said why ma’am? She said, because you’re affording me things that are artificial.

Why ma’am? She said, you go and research and you will find that all those things that were made. I didn’t have to go too far because when I came to Los Angeles I don’t know why i did this i never been to school but I went to the market training institution on the corner of western and Hollywood boulevard. Why did I do that I had never been to school I hate school i don’t like school I like shoes but now I’m in school why did I enroll in this market school did you know that when Mrs Holliman told me that cows were artificial and that beast was artificial it took me straight back it was a trigger that took me back to MTI.

1963. I learned in MTI that there are 33 varieties of cucumbers they are 666 varieties of apples there are about 40, 33 varieties of rice, potatoes there are about 12 varieties of potatoes and that these things could be grown twice a year. Then I begin to take it home. The things that god made produces fruit once a year, not twice not right.

I immediately relinquish that old position because it was easy for me. I started to construct the edifice that I represent today and did you know that I left Los Angeles in 1980 to come back to Los Angeles in the year 2002 and all of the healers in California are recommending peppermint, carrots juice, garlic, aloe vera. Is it that we get stuck, it we get jammed, we get corralled in our perspective so much so that it becomes so difficult for us to relinquish the position or is it that when they entered the perspective to afford themselves as a healer they didn’t do the homework that was necessary that is to understand the cosmic procession.

My return to California, Los Angeles, I already heard how people jump all over me which is okay, because god has afforded me some very big shoulders, I could take on the load the healers that were practicing the inconsistencies 22 years later they’re doing the same thing.

Ladies and gentlemen, cyanide is affecting our healers cyanide is affecting our preachers.

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