Dr Sebi on Chinese Medicine (Yin Yang)

In this except Dr Sebi speak of Chinese Medicine as it is presented as a healing modality and also in relation to the African.


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Yin Yang the Chinese medicine. I was once interviewed on Channel 5 in New York by
the Bill McCreary Report, the McCreary Report.

On the program was a Chinese doctor, a very eminent herbalist.

He said that, in his givings he said that Chinese people been
using herbs for 10,000 years, and they have recorded.

I told him that that could probably be so, but that the African
people live in the forests ever since creation,

and that goes into billions of years.

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So you see, we should not even make a statement that the Africans or the
Chinese been using earth for millions and trillions of years.

We want to know, that which you are using, is it consistent with our biology?
Is it electrical?

Sure we have to ask these questions but because we have disconnected they
could give us anything, they could tell us anything.

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Little did we know that 90% of the herbs that the Chinese people uses and they
would admit to it themselves they are cultivated.

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And what does that have to do with anything? It has everything to do with everything.

When you cultivate a plant, it means that that plant is unnatural.

It is artificial. But we not knowing that there are artificial plants and that there
are natural. One that was made by men and one that was made by God.

Chinese use herbs that are hybrid. Dong Quai,that’s a hybrid plant
Goldenseal is a hybrid plant.

These plants are made, and because they are made, the base has to be an acid one.

So well, we could not look to China for the ills of Africa because my visit to China

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I saw this, that Chinese medicine are not herbs, Chinese medicine are all same
chemicals that are offered to every country in the world. There are people
that uses Chinese medicine in China which are herbs, but they are not curing anything.

I once had a patient that had diabetes in New York this man is named France. France had a
Chinaman as a doctor, he had diabetes the Chinaman was treating France for 18 years. When

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France came to me three weeks later he had diabetes disappeared.

The Chinaman told France to ask me or to try to get the formula from me how
did I cured him of diabetes but yet we are told the Chinese people use herbs
for 10,000 years.

I have not used herbs not even for 50 yet we cure diabetes.

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