Dr Sebi: The MOST IMPORTANT Thing Needed for Healing to Occur


Dr Sebi:

Because those that went to medical school are not doing it. So why is the African Bio-mineral Balance, there is only one disease. And is only one cure.

Whenever you have sinusitis I asked the judge, what’s in the nasal passage, she said mucus, what’s in the bronchial tube when you have bronchitis [audience: mucus], what’s in the lungs when you have pneumonia? [audience: mucus]. The prosecution jumped up and said, “what about AIDS? You and your one disease theory.”

I said this man is getting himself into trouble all the time [audience laughing], he should be quiet. And at some point I have to help the man because he was out to get me. He didn’t want me to win because if I win, I would be setting a precedence, which I did. But I had to help the man. I said “Your honor, my most humble and distinguished prosecutor … is asking me, “what about AIDS”.

I said “your honor, have you been to an AIDS ward?”, she said “yes”.

“What is it that the AIDS patient spits up every five minutes, she said “mucus”.

So where is the mucus? they said acquired immune deficiency syndrome, well what did the immune system acquired? They said it was a virus, I said it was mucus that debilitated the immune system, preventing it from receiving what, OXYGEN. Oxygen is the life giver, as you open the body and open those cells, those avenues such as you know, veins, arteries, and every other passage allowing oxygen to enter the system, that’s when you begin your healing. OXYGEN IS THE HEALER, this is why we recommend that to heal, we should stop eating.

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